All my love: . My lovely lady, Sarah Mae Logan .

My parents Thomas & Karen Majusiak and . Brother Eric, for all their support & encouragement

My grandparents, uncles, aunts and cousins from West Hazelton & Pittsburg, PA, Orlando FL, Swindon UK

Richard Miller (Pop)  for showing me the cowboy chords and teaching me some acoustic songs; sometimes its just about the chords that you play

Thanks to my Great Uncle Paul Miller for introducing to me the mandolin and passing me down his mandolin, that instrument has opened my eyes to a new world of instrumentation and timbres

My Uncle Richie Miller, for getting me my first stage appearance with his band, and helping me get my first PA which is still kickin' and keeping me into classic rock and roll.

Aunt Linda for always finding unique instruments & noise makers, all of which are used on this album

Thank you friends:

Logan Hartsell for assistance tracking and help around the studio.

Pete Brown for expertise of instrument setup

Drew Davala for my first amp & early guidance

Jay Wasley, Matt Walker, Chris McLachlan

Thanks to all of my friends who played on this album

All the Trojcaks at Progressive Studios

All the cats who keep jazz alive at Chrisí Jazz Cafe

My fellow audio, lighting, & video wizards at Spellcaster Productions

Thanks to the bands: War Is The Trade of Kings (Wayne Smith Jr, Calvin Okunye, James Carter, Jay Mage)

The Wooden Owls - The Live Grapes - The Nobs . Chris Arter & Band - Sounds From Atlantis

Thank you Tony Cooksey for collaborations and working with Mage Works studios from day ONE

Thank you everyone else that has shown their support!

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